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“Hi, Alya,” Christina smiled at me in response to all her snow-white thirty-two

teeth: Great! I am Kristi, - and immediately turned to Jack again: - Volodya sent me, - the girl continued in fluent English and took out a sheet of paper from the folder. - He asks very much to approve it now. Filming starts in the morning. Elephants are already on the site.

Jack took the sheet, examined it for about a minute, zoomed in and out, all the while twisting his "hemp" baseball cap on his head. It was evident that he was very doubtful whether it was worth signing.

- I do not know25, - the hip-hoper shrugged his shoulders and looked uncertainly at his girlfriend. - It

not a real historical elephant,” he added in Russian and turned to me: “And you, Alya, what do you say?



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